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Special Offers

Special Offers

Bloody X5 MAX Esports Extreme quality offers over 50 million clicks guaranteed. Dual-Injection soft rubber transparent wheel provides durability and better feeling.


4 Customizable Sensor Sensitivity

Craft your gaming with the 4 on-board adjustable performance switches, P-CPI, D-CPI, LOD, Setting (Lift Off Distance) and Report Rates. With the performance switches, the mouse can be an extension of you in the game world and effortlessly translate whatever you're doing on your desk to the game with pinpoint precision.

Personalized Customizable CPI Button

Click P-CPI button to cycle through the tuned CPI selection LED parameters. If you wish to tune the parameter, please press and hold P-CPI button for 3s, the indicator LED will flash, scrolling the wheel upward will increase CPI and scrolling downward will decrease CPI. Press P-CPI button to set the desired CPI setting then the LED will become solid. And CPI can be restored as 1000 CPI by pressing the left, middle, right button at the same time for 5s. Your ideal CPI setting will depend on your body measurements, monitor resolution, and physical dexterity. It will take some experimenting to find out the perfect mouse speed for you.

3-Manual Adjustable Lift off Distance Setting [LOD]

Press the LOD button to cycle switch the lift off distance between 1.5 mm | 2.0 mm | 3.0 mm. Personalized the Lift Off Distance to pair with your surrounding gaming habits. Customize LOD that best provides the accuracy and controllability for you.

ModelX5 MAX
SensorExclusive BC3332-A Sensor
DPI10000 CPI
Tracking Speed250 IPS
Fine-Tuning CPI±100~10000CPI
Acceleration35 g

Data sheet

35 g
Exclusive BC3332-A Sensor