Special Offers

Special Offers

Backup UPS battery Provides guaranteed power and over-current protection forwirelessnetworks, computers and devices Games and other electronicdevices in your home or business. Forms provide backupsBattery during  interruptions and uncertain voltage fluctuations, as well as storm  Protect secondary electronics from storms and heights without reducing the battery power used to operate primary electronics during power  outages. , You can back up and protect your devices and data during  power outages and heights. Battery Failure Notification Provides early battery warning error analysis that provides timely preventive maintenance that increases battery performance, lifetime and reliability through smart charging and accuracy. 


Only augmentation ports

Protect secondary electronics from spikes and surges without reducing the battery power used to operate the primary electronics during power outages.

Battery outlets and surge protected outlets

Back up and protect your devices and data during power outages, surges and spikes.


Notice of battery failure

Provides early warning fault failure analysis on batteries allowing timely preventive maintenance

Smart battery management

Increases battery performance, life, and reliability through smart and accurate charging.

Automatic self-test

Periodic battery self-testing ensures early detection of which battery should be replaced.

Brand APC
Model BACK-500VA
network frequency 45...65 Hz
plug standard IEC 60320 C14
input voltage limits 160...280 V
maximum input current 2 A
switching current capacity 7 A
number of cables 1
input voltage 230 V
rated power in W 300 W
Maximum configurable power in W 300 W
output frequency 50 Hz sync to mains
50 Hz +/- 0.1 % for 50 Hz nominal unsynchronised
UPS type Line interactive
Wave type Stepped approximation to a sinewave
nb of power socket outlets 3 IEC 60320 C13
1 IEC Jumpers
curve equation Efficiency
curve fixed loss 0.0098
curve load maximum 100 %
curve load minimum 1 %
curve proportional loss 0
curve square loss 0.0038
curve X-axis maximum 100 %
curve X-axis minimum 0 %
curve X-axis title Load
curve X-axis units Percentage
curve Y-axis maximum 100 %
curve Y-axis minimum 50 %
curve Y-axis title Efficiency
curve Y-axis units Percentage
graph display 1
output voltage 230 V
Maximum configurable power in VA 500 VA
rated power in VA 500 VA
Transfer time 6 ms typical : 10 ms maximum
number of battery filled slots 0
number of battery free slots 0
liquid value 0
battery curve C
battery charger power 4700 W rated
Battery power in VAH 47 VAh runtime
extended runtime 0
control panel LED status display with on line : on battery : replace battery and overload indicators
alarm Alarm when on battery : distinctive low battery alarm : overload continuous tone alarm
cable length 1.83 m
weight 5.2 kg
Height 25.7 cm
width 19 cm
Length 29.1 cm
Color Black
Warranty 3 years


Data sheet

capacity : 300Watts
Cable Length
1.83 meters
50Hz +/- 0.1% for 50Hz nominal
3 years